Thursday, March 29, 2012

How To Properly Apply Eyeshadow Powder



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How To Properly Apply Eyeshadow Powder 


When we talk about a complete makeover as many questions as tend to focus the eyes. The truth is that it is one of the most complicated, since not only must find the color that goes with our features, but also have to choose the most appropriate texture and know how to use properly. This will get us to obtain an attractive look and a more vivid expression.

To all this we must add a series of tricks and techniques that will help you correctly apply eye shadow, especially if your texture powder, which are the most common. This is the desired shape, but also to avoid seeing the veins of the eyelid, as well as the remains of shadows that are falling as we makeup on. These two problems can fully appreciate the photographs that accompany this post.

To avoid the problem of the veins marked, it is essential also apply foundation on the eyelids. It is enough that you take a small amount to fingertips and gently stretch out with the eyes closed. Try to be a base fluid and matte finish, so get those veins cover while you are preventing the fat from that area in the shadow wet with the passing of the hours and start deleting or running.

Then apply your loose powder on the area under the eyes. This simple detail will favor the removal of particles that will be falling as you apply the shadow, and when finished will have acceded to no makeup and you can withdraw them in a single brushstroke. Still you should not overdo the amount of shade that you take every time with the brush, which you can hear a slight hiss to avoid becoming too concentrated and then you fall to apply.