Sunday, April 8, 2012

MAC Makeup Looks



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MAC Makeup Looks 

There are a lot of MAC makeup looks you can create with the iconic beauty brand, and those looks ranging from classic to extreme. MAC makeup is loved by celebrities, makeup artists and women alike every day because the products are extremely versatile and are available in a wide range of tones. If you like neutral every day, a dramatic smoky eye, theatrical or pop of color, MAC Cosmetics has something for everyone.

Current Trends MAC

The best way to know what the current trends and looks at MAC makeup is to visit your local MAC cosmetics counter. The store will also feature graphics available with the latest looks and how they apply. The seller MAC can help you with exactly the products that can deliver the look you want. At this time, MAC is not available print books with their looks, but occasionally you can find is published in the MAC website.

Examples of MAC Makeup Looks

MAC Cosmetics has great staying power, so it MAC makeup look you are guaranteed to last all day or night. The brand offers a lot of shades, from dark gray to daily bolder turquoise so if you want to be a natural beauty or a bold fox, MAC has the curtains for you.

Classic and Neutral

While MAC is definitely known for its rich pigmentation over the top tones, the brand has a lot of classic and neutral tones for a look of work during the day, or if you prefer a natural look.

To create a style that is appropriate for your child from nine to five life, but not too boring for cocktails after work:

*) Brule powder, cream, beige covers all
*) Add honesty, a soft bronze in the crease pewtered definitio
*) Stop eyes with two coats of mascara in black MAC Prolash

Powder Blush Tenderling sweep a sheer nude pink cheeks to add a wash fresh, natural color that subtly define cheekbones. To complete the natural look and add a glossy, shiny slippery lust, a soft glow of muted pink lips. If you have avoided the lip gloss in the past due to their lack of staying power, MAC shine is long lasting and can be used over lipstick.

Dramatic and Smoky

If you have a flair for the dramatic on a daily basis, or just likes to have fun with your makeup on the weekend, MAC has a lot of shades of shadow to create that

perfect smoky eye. Shades of gray works well on all eye colors, so start by applying the scene, a dull gray blue with a satin finish on the eyelids and blend slightly higher in the crease. To improve the look and create a cat eye effect, draw a thin line on the upper lash line, gradually making it thicker and then appearing at the outer corner MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack with a liner gel that lasts all day. Apply two coats of mascara Opulash have a dramatic curl and volume.

With the eyes of this sexy and smoky it's best to keep the rest of the face neutral. Blushbaby Sweep, a pure beige blush pink over the cheekbones and nice plush Plushglass apply a soft pink with white pearl has a lip color and gloss enough and will not compete with the smoky eyes.


If you are not afraid of color and want to go big and bold makeup look with your MAC, MAC Cosmetics has the colors for you. For a fresh pop of color in the eyes, the blue color is really flattering over the eyes and makes the whites of the eyes look whiter. MAC Electric Eel, bright blue, bright, will be sure to grab everyone's attention. Sweep blue shadow all over lid, mixing only in the crease. The top line and bottom lashes with MAC eye pencil in Ebony to define their constellations will not overshadow blue. Add two coats of MAC Lash fiber volume from one end to make eyes stand out.