Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Makeup Tips Selena Gomez



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Makeup Tips Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, one of the princesses of Disney's hottest, best known now for being the girlfriend of Justin Bieber, has captured the attention of teenage audiences worldwide.
Many of us wonder how we can get that look as fresh and natural. The key is discretion, using natural tones that conceal imperfections and enhance its beauty lightly. Here we show a few beauty tips using the singer and actress to be perfect.
Selena's skin is amazing, very smooth and flawless, but it is normal to have 19 years. Anyway, use moisturizers before applying makeup to nourish the skin, so the have super hydrated. Sometimes the mixture with your makeup for a more natural effect.
Being brunette, Selena wears a dark tone of makeup but not too exaggerated. Always choose a tone as your skin. Then apply a powder pink or peach tints.

Selena commitment to further lengthen her almond eyes to increase their exoticism. With no large eyes kohl used to paint and then tear up the area shaded light gray, silver or white. In addition, Selena often use false eyelashes to enlarge your eyes and open your eyes.
The Disney princess often used shades of brown in her makeup to sharpen his features. Because you want to draw attention to your eyes, Selena often used shades nudes on her lips. Use natural colors because they have quite thick and does not need to add volume. Another of his tricks is to put clear gloss on any occasion.