Saturday, March 17, 2012

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes



Eye Makeup Styles 


Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes 


Women with hazel eyes best of both worlds. spotted several give way to a multitude of complementary shades. Hazel eyes can be made to the classic, romantic or sensual frankly. The best way to highlight some beautiful hazel eyes is to think outside the box and explore a complete makeup palette into a realm of colors.



Eyeliner is used to delineate and define the upper eyelid, the lower eye, or both. Despite a deep brown eyeliner and black look great on brown eyes, a colored shirt, either on a eggplant purple shade or simply stunning and will draw attention to green eyes. In addition to a colored pencil, white eyeliner is a clear alternative that instantly illuminates the eyes and gives a retro vibe to your look. To keep your eyes focus, apply a neutral makeup palette and avoid dark lipstick, stuck with a rosewood or pure apricot glow instead.

Eye Makeup


Green-eyed ladies can experiment with many bold and vivid eye makeup shades. While brown or blue eyes may seem harsh, with purple eye shadow, pink or purple, green-eyed women look
exotic to rock a funky edge.

To enhance your eye color, choose an eye shadow base color that complements your skin tone, in a dark gray or nude color. Then find a funky edge in several different colors and layer the look accentuating the upper eyelid, brow bone and crease with darker shade. Despite the green-eyed ladies can dapple in many colors, avoid blue eye shadow, which only come into conflict, rather than complement your eye color only.



Many times, the right shade of lipstick is all that is needed to call attention to the face. If you want to high light green eyes, no eye makeup, lip color can certainly serve as an alternative.

Because hazel eyes sparkle with its underlying color of gold, a lip color that continues to this place is sure to enhance the eye area. Find a lip color or gloss that has a little shine or glow, and cool shades discount, regardless of whether or not the trend. Frosty colors add a sexy lip gloss, if combined with a golden iris, golden to look very exotic. Search lipsticks in the following tones:

* Mauve
* Berry
* Gold
* Poppy
* Rosa

Experimenting With Color

To find the best look for hazel eyes, do not forget to take into account skin color, hair color and wardrobe. To enhance hazel eyes completely, women should wear lots of purple clothes, gold and green, and stay away from doing the colors like blue, gray or orange tones. If you need expert advice and want a professional opinion, do not hesitate to visit a cosmetic counter and meet with a sales associate to find the right color that will make your eyes pop! Once you have learned to complement and enhance your eye color exotic, be prepared for a lot of compliments!