Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Makeup Brushes 


Many of us have ever arisen in which brushes are suitable for different parts of the face, because the market there is plenty of makes and models. There are also some brushes that look like other, as we shall see, but not the same and serve different purposes. As we know, there are many cosmetic products market but not all are recommended for our health and beauty, because, although it sounds a cliche, what you pay. So sometimes pay a little more for a good product that we produce allergies or redness is most successful. We always recommend, however, Deliplus beauty products as they are so cheap and high quality. Also, of course, are other good brands such as MAC, Sigma, Yves Rocher, etc..

Images of superior makeup shows already some of the brushes and brushes that we will talk about : firstly a beveled brush that draws a line with the eyeshadow to ras this. This operation her can make, obviously, with our favorite eye pencil, but if we want to emphasise more the color black, the ideal is to first switch the beveled brush and then the sub-bottom pen. The following image shows a difuminador brush to apply the beige shade over the top of the eye. Finally, we will apply a makeup base for the entire face, with a broad brush. If you are that you are passionate about makeup, we recommend you buy a blanket to have all the brushes and makeup brushes tidy, as we see in the following picture :
The face requires a broad brush as that we see in the image. It's the Skunk of Sigma, which combines synthetic hair with natural hair but not of Skunk, you not frightened. It can be used both to apply the makeup base (fluid, compact, loose powders) as the blusher. It is an essential brush, because it is a multipurpose. In Coastal Reverbed they have at a good price. This type of brush is the best choice to implement the base, because it extends perfectly, leaving the very natural face without anything noticeable makeup.
Eye is essential to have a loose hair brush, as we have in the picture above. This type of brush can be used both to apply shadow to later stumping with quick movements. It may be natural hair, sable, synthetic brush to blend Deliplus is sable and offers very good results. For profiling, we can use the angled brush, which is the following image :
This angled brush is MAC, and has a very soft, so that the eyes will be less. To use this brush is striking, even more than when using a stylus profiler. But the results can be spectacular so do not hesitate and grab it !
 Although you can already find with a lot of brushes makeup kits, we recommend that you buy separately which you want and see that you are going to use, because in these briefcases of makeup tend to come very similar some brushes and brushes and you end up forgetting them.

Remember, the use of brushes and brushes is very personal. You can try what will you best for the size of your eyes, or the type of skin of the face but, above all, that you are comfortable with them and make a makeup Super !