Monday, May 7, 2012

Permanent Makeup For Eyes



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Tips : Permanent Makeup For Eyes 


If you have little time for makeup you in your day to day, it costs you spend a long time in front of the mirror, you are allergic to some cosmetics, you shake the pulse or you hate makeup you, you be interested in insurance option that we offer today. It's the permanent makeup for eyes.
Permanent make-up consists of pigment the skin using a fine needle on the surface of the dermis. Only lasts for a few years, usually between two and five, because then the color will deleting course. In the case of the eyes, will trace a hotline on the eyelid simulating which is done with the eyeliner styles. You can choose the color, width and the way of the completion of the line.
If you decide to make you this technique, you will see as your eyes suffers a major change, maintaining the expressiveness. However, it is very important when it comes to you the permanent makeup you go to aesthetic centers of confidence that comply with all the rules of hygiene and health. When you make the first visit, beautician or dermatologist will check the effect of the technique on your skin. The intervention lasts approximately one hour and is not painful.
After this operation, the upper eyelid is slightly swollen, which can last a few days. In addition, it will appear darker than they really want until you spend a week. The scarring lasts three to four days and you should avoid milk cleanser to wipe your eyes, opting for a liquid cleanser.
Nor can sun exposure after the operation, since it prevents the pigments are set properly. It is also important to avoid swimming at the beach or pool, at least for 10 days.