Sunday, October 28, 2012

Types of Lenses for Your Eyewear


Types of Lenses for Your Eyewear

If this is the first time you use prescription glasses, choosing frames is not the only headache.
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The lenses are the most important part of the glasses, and therefore requires a deliberate choice to support our vision and our daily well.

Lens Types

You can adjust your graduation on three types of lenses: the glass, the organic material (plastic) or polycarbonate. The polycarbonate have gained traction in children and athletes due to its lower weight, lower risk of breakage and impact resistance.

Within lenses can choose antireflective lens, whose profits are at their disposal reflexes vision, avoid glare or increases contrast and sharper vision which prevents eyestrain.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice and information to your optical lens to know what is the one best suited to your lifestyle or you need glasses.
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